About Us


  • TRADING VENUE DESIGN: creation and adaptation
  • Trading venue CONCEPTS
  • PRODUCT LAY OUT: standards, strategy and implementation (MERCHANDISING)
  • Construction and equipment DRAWINGS
  • PRODUCTION and implementation control



Important matters depend on window-case and shop design: contact with customer, decision making to buy or not and general impression about you which remains behind the doors of the shop. That is why the things we create are not only beautifully looking. These are responsible solutions which shall force to notice, believe and come back.


"Incanto solutions" team – creative and business minded professionals which guarantee uniqueness and exclusive value of the proposed solutions. Our trading venue specialists in marketing, sale strategy, advertising, communication and production have a long standing experience in retail markets in Lithuania and other European countries. Dimensional images are created by designers and architects. Each our project starts from the idea and is completed by its implementation in the trading venue. If your business is successful – it means that our job was well done. It is our way and philosophy which lets us to hear needs of our clients and to become a part of their implemented goals.

Important for us
Exlusive ideas
Meticulous work
Interior design of living spaces
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